I'm modifying a template using Dreamweaver that I downloaded from the web and I would like it to check the browser resolution and resize accordingly.
It was designed at 1024x768 and looks OK at that resolution, but is someone is running 1280x1024 it is small on the screen.
Does anyone know how I can do this? I am using CSS so if someone can tell me if it is something I change in the CSS file or the .dwt template, then I can post the code and hopefully someone can assist? Unfortunately, I am not very au fait with CSS and am just learning how to modify rather than write


you could try checking out this code:

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
if ((screen.width>=1024) && (screen.height>=768))

Does that mean having 2 copies of the website, one in hi-res mode and one in low-res mode? It is a fairly large website covering property sales and rentals so would like the convenience of as few updates as possible.

that script would require 2 pages, yes, but it's simple to change window.location="highres.html"; to whatever you want to actually do in the event that res is set to whatever resolution we have.... this is just an example of how to check for the resolution.

As another idea, look at the DOM properties for "screen.width" and "screen.height". Based upon those, you could use JavaScript to change the size of your window. The content should be structured either to resize automatically (use percentages, floats, etc. for your elements' size and position), or to stay centered.

If you post a link to a page with the template applied, or a zip of the template applied, maybe one of us can suggest something - the ability to expand and fill the screen depends on the design itself.


This is the link where I downloaded the template from:


The template is good, apart from the fact that it won't adjust to screens with different resolutions (1025x768 and 1280x1024 are the ones I'm catering for).

Any advice on how to make it auto-adjust would be appreciated.


I handcode all my stuff in a text editor, so the dreamweaver template isn't much use to me...
Could you create a page, zip it and send it to me?

Hi Mark
I've had a look at it, and I can expand the headers, footers, right tabs etc, but I can't get the main content area to expand.
Basically it's been designed with too many tables, and everything is absolutely positioned from the top right. This means you can't set widths easily on it.
I'll zip up what I've got if you like, but it's an awkward one to do.

The only real way to make it an expanding layout would be to rebuild it from the ground up.

OK...fair enough. Thanks for trying.
In that case, can anyone recommend any good sites for templates (preferably free but could splash the cash if it's good enough).

update: working in IE, but not Firefox.