hello sir.i have a dell n 5010 i3.but sir when i install the bluetooth driver,after installaton it shows this message (turn wireless switch on).but i dont know how to do this.i have tried the wifi switch but no use.so kindly help me with this problem

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The wifi switch is always located at the side of your laptop try looking for it. The wireless switch is not your airport. you need to turn on the wireless switch to turn on the airport and connect to the internet.

there will be an function key in keyboard , press fn key and wireless key together will turn on ur btooth

I thought he wanted to turn on his wifi switch. Seems like he wanted the blue tooth instead:D
Follow u4vu advise but in some laptops it will not be the function key that turn off the blue tooth, it will be another key or a blue tooth switch at the side of the laptop.

in sme dell machines both wifi and Bluetooth works from one key

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