I have a Data Cable for my Sanyo Katana phone (SY-6600) and I downloaded all the drivers. I wanted to download ringtones from my computer to the phone using the mp3 files that I have, how do I do this? Please I have been looking everywhere but I can't find anything

Thanks in Advance

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when you connect the phone to the computer does it come up as a device with removable storage in My computer??? There might be a hidden folder to put the music in..

I have the removable disk(F) drive in my computer but when I click on it it says please insert a Disk into Drive F:. No other drive pops up and I have the files unhidden

I was wondering if you could help me ..
I just bought the DatatoGo data cable for the Katana and I don't know where to download the necessary software to make it work ...
if you could help me that would be greatly appreciated.

To change files to the *.qcp ringtone format (the only format compatible with the Sanyo Katana), you will need to download Qualcomm's pvconv (command-line converter) and PureVoice (player) applications. These are both free. They can be downloaded here:


You will also need a program to convert the *.mp3 files into *.wav files. Any standard audio converter will be able to do this. NCH SwiftSound has a free version of their Switch audio converter available:


Here is a quick breakdown of the conversion procedure:
1) Convert the *.mp3 file to *.wav
2) Use PureVoice converter to convert the *.wav file to a *.qcp file. You can do this simply by dragging the *.wav file onto the pvconv.exe application
3) Transfer the final *.qcp file to your Sanyo Katana

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