What is the "Quantum Wave 100"?!

Is it good?? It is available in my country, and cheap ...

Processor equals what? Processors?

I want your opinion, especially the processor and screen and battery.

And price it?

You don't say what country you are in. It looks like a moderate Linux/Android fondle-slab (tablet). Not shabby, but not high-end either. Memory (RAM) is minimal (1GB), and internal memory storage is adequate (16GB), but you can add a 32GB SD card to complement that. It appears to be from the United Arab Emirates. Since I don't know where you are located, this may or may not be helpful.

thanks "rubberman"

I'm from Gaza,,,and Gaza in siege,,,

but CPU is good?
Processor equals what? dual core or quad or core 2 due>>>

Hi - found this on another site "Most popular of the processors, typically dual core but available with up to four, frequencies between 800MHz and 2GH" - site really doesn't specify, so I would assume that this would be dual-core.

thanks bhimji,,,

But is it do you think I buy it or not?

As for battery life, video, what do you think?

If you want a great powerful tablet that is affordable and has the best processor on the market to date, you can try Tegra Note or HP Slate 7 Extreme. These 2 tablets are just really awesome. I just cannot explain them a lot in this post, but they have everything that you need on a tablet, like great gaming performance, great stylus touch response, powerful Tegra 4 chipset, fast experience, great battery life, and many more. They are just $199 by the way.

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