Most of you probably have knowledge about the newly released Amazon Fire Phone. I was amazed by its some features especially the Dynamic Perspective, Firefly Technology and the Mayday. I was curious to know about how these features have been made. In other words, do the Dynamic Perspective feature is the magic trick of solely the software or simply it is the visual display of the screen or combination of both software and hardware? Similar question is about Firefly feature; I think it is solely software dependent? or the combination of both worlds?

Curious to know more from you.....

Although it is all software that generates the dynamic perspective you still have to say it a combination since the technology of the displays and the imaging hardware that is available today and miniturized also make this possible. Of course this was being done years ago but again larger scale and more everything (money resources etc). So obviously you cant have one without the other but understanding your question the way I see it is yes the software is doing all the lifting (or work etc) the hardware is just bowing down and doing what it is told

This is not only cool and awesome but, in fact totally devastating!!!!!
I'm really stunned with what the developers had done with the phone. I mean, they have manipulated each and every single bit of hardware to its highest possible use and made it stand apart from its competitors. Awesome hardware and fantasy sofware.

And thanks for your reply...!!!!!

They will have little to k=no competitors. All the other companies are doing is making the phone bigger. Apple and Android Watch out!!!

Android is far ahead of Amazon tech. They are much more limited in the features they currently have as well as their app store. Not to mention everything you can do on a kindle can be done on a android and then some. Have you seen the new Samsung Note 4? Its beyond anything else on the market.

I'm sorry but the firephone is bad. It dosen't have much features besides the ones you just listed. But firefly is the only one that involves hardware. But it's just a button that activates a bit of software.