Hi everyone, im not the best with the puter. ANyway i have mobile phone and wanted to transfer various pics from phone to pc and also ringtones from pc to mobile. I bought one online and it came with bluesoliel cd which i installed. All was well and i got much of my stuff from mobile to pc (although i have no idea where it went) THEN all of a sudden it said evaluation mode ended. My question is WHAT DO I DO NOW!!!!...i thought this dongle would allow me to transfer unlimited info back and forth...now im stuck...Ive Googled things and it seems that they want me to pay for updated program now. ANYONE out there know if there is a free unlimited download that i can use or have ANY USEFUL INFO on what i should do next. CHEERS to everyone who may help :-)

Most of the mobile phones come with USB cable through which you can connect your mobile phone with pc and either synchronize stored data (contacts, calendar, notes) or transfer files (music, images, video). For example I have Sony Ericsson and I can use Sony Ericsson pc suite to do all this. It would be helpful if you can post your phone maker and model in possible.