Hi Guys,

I was wondering Are most laptops ok to be plugged into generators? I've heard that some need to run through inverters??? Also my friend told me that with some laptops you need an inverter if your going to connect it to a generator, is this true? If so why?

i wouldn't think it's true, i don't think you'd need an inverter, but it'll suck up power like none other

What do you mean by generator, really?

he means a machine that generates electricity through gas.

I. e. fuel cell, or what?

no, a machine that put gas into and it spins around generating electricity, thus the generator

Could you give a reference, link or the like

I have used generators in Africa for more than 17 years and have not had a problem with any laptop. Generators put out 220 at 50 cycle. I also have used a transformer to convert to 110/50 and still no problems at all.

you can run a laptop off of a generator just fine. the only problem with doing so is that the current coming from a generator isn't consistent and over a period of time could damage hardware just from the power fluctuation. if you have a large battery backup most of them have what is called a power conditioner that takes the fluctuating power and smooths it out.

What do you mean by generator, really?

and might i say, WOW!!!

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