hi my problem is that when ever my usb mouse is plugged into my laptop the laptop will not boot. i am running microsoft vista home premium, the mouse is a trust High Precision Mini Mouse MI-2800p and the laptop is an acer aspire 5613awlmi.

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Are USB legacy devices enabled in the BIOS? Just an idea.

ill reboot and try to find out

hi how can i found out about the usb legacy devices, ive looked in my bios and cant seem to find them. my bois is Pheonixbois setup and is v3.5

Maybe try in the advance section? I'm not sure...

Try reading this.

your right dannol usb devices do need to be enabled in bios otherwise your computer will keep trying to communicate with the device to identify it and as it is only a mouse it will never reply so just look through all your menus there will be an option somewhere to enable usb support at boot or something similar.

Hi people, soz for not responding for so long, Daniweb seems to have stopped notifying me of replies to this thread. Anyways, tried looking for an option in my bios that resembles " Enable usb devices on boot", but no luck. My bios is a Pheonix one, v3.5. Should i get another bios? if so which one because i have heard that messing around with th bios is a risky business.

is it a bad device?

try it on another pc

it will work on another computer, i think it's just the bios on this laptop, as the others mentioned. Not sure how to fix it. btw my bios is the latest on from the manufactureer (clicked on the "this" hyperlink after previous post).

bad port?

look in intergrate prefipheral section in your bios ,do other usb devices work in the usb port.

it is very unlikely that all four ports on my laptop don't work on start up when they do foreverything else and also no problems after start up. BIOS settings thing sounds reasonable.

i know you said the mouse works on other computers have you tried another usb mouse on your computer

no, because this is my only one. i don't think it would be the mouse since i have used this mouse on other computer and it worked fine.


the only way to know for sure will be to try one ,believe me strangers things have happened when it comes to computer and devices .

yes, just follow the troubleshooting method

test device in another pc
test port with another device
test device in another port

Hey. My machine refuses to boot with some usb devices plugged in. It could be your BIOS. Don't ask me how to fix it (I just plug them out, then plug them back in once windows starts.)

Also, try the back ports.

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