As rumored around the web, the Apple iPhone with 3G support is coming out soon!

The iPhone has been a revolutionary tool for consumers, corporate America, and users around the world. I held back from purchasing an iPhone largely in part because it lacked stable support for the 3G network.

But that will all be resolved within the next couple of months.

It's amazing to see how far the iPhone has come since it was first released back in January 2007. Features, applications, entire companies built around the iPhone and it's only just the beginning.

The long-awaited 3G release for the iPhone will help Apple secure a solid position in the mobile industry.

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wheres the proof

Dani 1,700

There is none. That's why it's a rumor.

I actually just spoke to an AT&T rep yesterday, he unofficially confirmed that there will be a 3G iPhone coming out soon.

On top of that, CNN is reporting a secured contract for the new order of iPhones.

3G iPhone will ship soon, I assure you :)

Dani 1,700