I have this mouse: http://www.pointofview-online.com/showroom.php?shop_mode=product_detail&product_id=45
And I can't find any driver. But my system properly handles it as an USB HID compatible mouse, I think this is why there is no driver. I just can't configure the 2 additional buttons. So I think I would need an universal USB HID driver with which I could use that 2 extra buttons too. And sorry, but I can't find any by Google.
I'm using Windows XP SP3.

On my computer when I plug in the USB, the mouse is recognized and the HID mouse drivers are automatically installed by XP.

If there is still a problem, I would disable the driversin the device manager and reboot the computer. The XP should then find the driver and install it automatically.

That's the problem exactly: The XP driver is... well... retarded, but it's enough for the manufacturers to not give any driver at all. Earlier that 5 buttons was not usual so I had to set up things like backspace or dblclick onto them. But now a HID mouse can have more buttons and I can't set anything else onto them. Softwares either support them directly or not. Fx. Firefox uses those buttons for forward and backward, I never ever use them. And they don't have any function at all in Wincmd, or in Netbeans any more. So I just would like to set them up what to do like with my old mouse.
Thanks for the answer anyway!

RAPOO (Chinese brand, Google it) has a driver that will probably help, it works for me for 3 different types. It downloads as ce_jian.rar and has one problem that is not really a problem, the download comes in Chinese, however all that is required to open it is to simply press ENTER on all questions or choices and the result is in English.

Ooh! well check these setting
go to control panel -mouse setting- remove the check of double click

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