After I switched the power off from the back of PC to force shutdown the PC due to it freeze, the PC could not bootup again. When I powered it on, the fans runnng, all of the lits on, the CD lit on, the CPU heats up, and Hard Drive spinning, but No beep, no bios, and its blank screen. I played with RAMs randomly in different slots, replaced the video card on AGB slot. The Motherboard just don't react whatever I do. One thing, the small fan on the top of heatsink was not functional nomally, it spins very slow. Anyone has idea what could be the problem? Your input would be appreciated.

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hey man
wat u do is remove the battery onboard the botherboard and restart your p.c and everything will work fine


hey everyone .
i need to some help i bent my cpu socket pins and im not shure if it will work or not .i have a asus p5pe-vm with a lGA775 SOCKET

thanks in advance :)


ASUS has a lock free p5pe-vm motherboard , wtf is wrong with you , u sell a motherboard with a lock free which means overclcoking , but then u cant overclcock it , or even sjust the voltages,


hey everyone,
:$I have the same problem, my ASUS P5PE-VM:icon_confused:does the same thing...
I have tried the cmos jumper but still doest post :icon_idea:. How can i fix this man????
well the thing is it has a deepfrezze installed on it, I disable it > the deefreeze and a pop up message was telling me to reboot ....:icon_eek:well after pressing enter things happen:icon_sad:



Try unplug the power cord to the PC then pressing the power button over 20 seconds do not let go for over 20 seconds.
This willl discharge the PC and reset the system as well.

If the small fan is on top of the mobo chipset, maybe the chipset is fried.

Hope this helps!
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Great help, see you around daniweb more often Bill.

Thanks in advance Bill:).I surely will try this :$, Im hoping things will go just fine. If not, Im planning on buying a NEW motherboard:-/ > Is this a GOOD IDEA ?


we have the same problem when i build a pc i forgot to buy a proccessor thats why no beeps no boot and no BIOS i buy a processor now and works properly i install windows 8.1

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