I am a mac user for quiet sometime now. My problem is sometime the Power Book that i am using keep displaying backslash while i typing something


i am\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

it will only stop when i press a few time the backslash button on the keyboard. The above problem appear on login screen and sometime in word application. I really annoying especially when typing a long document.

My question is:

What is the possible problem? So far my apple pwr book never get wet by spill etc.

Thanks for your view & solution

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Just came across your post. Am having the same problem with random backslashes being inserted into text. Did you find a solution?

I got the same problem,sometimes i have to use a external keyboard for my powerbook g4 laptop.

I got the same problem,sometimes i have to use a external keyboard for my powerbook g4 laptop.

My keyboard problem disappeared, but I have no idea how or why. I did reinstall the OS, and tried a few other workarounds, but still had one or two recurrences afterwards. I have used my PB a lot less in the last few months, so it may have to do with the fact that it's not running 24:7. Odd.

Try to reinstall the OS> It is prolly just a software glitch. If problem still persists, you better contact your local APple Store and fins some answers there. Hope it helps.

I had a powerbook that I loved to death, literally, and eventually some of the keys did start to stick. Check and see if you are not hitting something like enter or backspace and acidently not causing the backslash to stick

In my case the backslash would just begin by itself even with no keyboard activity - i.e. while staring at my document in Word waiting for inspiration, suddenly the backslash would start racing across my screen. Like I mentioned, the problem has disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared.

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