So today, according to Tuesday's announcement, there will be new iPhone software available from Apple. We don't know exactly when, in the UK at 1.20 it wasn't there, but no matter - it's going to arrive. And it's going to address issues a few users have noticed, specifically poor battery life and dropped calls.

Hold on.

A phone that drops calls. A phone which - as I've found a few times - lasts less than a day if you have location services switched on and particularly if you have the brightness turned up on the display. Yes, you can work around these but only once you've found out - the hard way - that there's an issue.

Call me cynical, but if any company other than Apple were behind a product that needs that sort of software overhaul within six weeks of its launch, wouldn't there be a lot more grinding of teeth and hostile press? Don't get me wrong, I love the iPhone and as a heavy data user it's certainly saved me money compared to my previous contract as well as being a pleasure to use. But if its flaws were apparent that quickly, was it really ready for release?