Love your Mac? Love Lego? Love Batman? Oh boy have I got good news for you. Yes, it would seem that a date has been fixed for the arrival of Lego Batman on the Mac. That date is April 9th according to Feral Interactive which has already had moderate success with other Lego games on the Mac such as Star Wars II and Indiana Jones.

I like the idea of being able to play not as Batman fighting the bad guys, but rather as The Joker or The Riddler or Two Face or even Cat Woman and taking on Batman, Robin and the good guys.

Of course, TT Games has already seen the whole Lego franchise take off on other platforms, and Lego Batman is no exception. However, Mac fans only have a few weeks to wait to see what all the fuss has been about. Assuming that they have an Intel-based Mac running at 1.8GHz or more and packing 256MB graphics and OS X 10.5 or later that is. If you can't wait, Apple has just added a demo which is available for download now.