Lauren's Wrong: People Definitely Want Macs

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Apple released its third quarter numbers yesterday and by any benchmark they were impressive. Consider these numbers as reported by Macworld:

* $8.34 billion in sales and a net profit of $1.23 billion
* 5.2 million iPhones
* 10. 2 million iPods
* 2.6 million Macs (of which1.75 million were laptops)

It's impressive by any standards, but according to AppleInsider it represents the best non-holiday quarter ever. Think about that, then consider we are still in the midst of a massive recession, it's even more astounding.

So Much for Laptop Hunters

A story came out the other day that Microsoft COO Kevin Turner claims an Apple lawyer called him to complain about the 'Laptop Hunter' ad campaign. Let me file this under the "I find this very hard to believe," but in the age of digital media, the story found some traction. If it happened in the time frame Turner claims, one would assume that Apple had these numbers in hand, and unless the lawyer was acting on his or her own, I'm not convinced the incident ever happened.

If the Microsoft ads combined with economy are supposedly having such a dramatic effect on Apple's bottom line, how come they had such a successful quarter? I'm sure Steve Jobs is hoping that Microsoft's ads have an even bigger impact on his company next quarter if this the result.

iPhone and iPods

And while the number of Macs sold might have Lauren and her friends at Microsoft crying in their coffee, the combined numbers for iPhones and iPods were simply off the charts. Consider that combined Apple sold more than 15 million iPod and iPhones in a 3 month period: 15 million!

In fact, they can't even build iPhones fast enough to keep up with the demand. The BBC reports that Apple admits that demand is outstripping the supply, but they are working to correct the problem. They had better - since in the same BBC report, it says they plan to expand iPhone sales into another 20 countries next month.

Numbers Don't Lie (Usually)

I know that it's easy to spin numbers. I'm a writer, not a mathematician, and I can only report what I've seen reported in multiple trusted sources. They all point to one thing. Apple had incredible numbers. The company has to be thrilled that in spite of having Jobs offline for 6 months, and in the midst of the worst economic situation probably since the Great Depression, this company not only survived, it thrived.

So Lauren might look at the 13.3 inch Mac Book and dismiss it easily (or she might thinks she's not cool enough to own a Mac), but 2.6M other people disagreed. Sure, you can get a PC for much less money than you can a Mac, but people have shown they want these machines and they will pay for these machines. In this case at least, the numbers don't lie and they are amazing.

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(Fanboy Alert)
Apple should do a follow-up on Lauren where she's addicted to pain pills for carrying around her over-sized laptop and had to sell her car to pay for continuous tech support on her sub-par PC.

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I know I drank the Kool-Aid years ago. Apple develops great software and hardware. They are control freaks and that's what makes their products so reliable and just simply elegant in design and functionality. I paid more for my Mac but afterwards when I compare the cost of ownership in with a comparable PC, I came out paying less. I don't need all the products they need to keep their PCs operating optimally. Also, my now 1-1/2 year old MBP has a much higher resale. I'm now considering buying a refurbished Mac Pro. I wonder if a born-again Mac is re-baptized "with unicorn tears?"

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"Fanboy Alert"

Couldn't agree more really.

kaninelupus 275 Practically a Posting Shark

Are Apple Mac Users Perverts? - not my title, but is interstingly written by a Mac user. Have a read over before making little remarks over "the costs of keeping optimised".

If the Mac works for you, then great... I really am happy for you. But don't go getting miffed over the rediculous boxing match going on btwn MS and Apple... Apple did after-all start the damned thing.

At the end of the day, NO OS is perfect, NO OS is impervious, NO OS is going to please or work for everybody.

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Incredible numbers and profits!

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