I'm new to this forum, and I don't really know too much about computers. I do know enough though. I am in the process of building my own computer to support my needs, and I would like some suggestions on the best kind of RAM that would do well for my computer. I'm a hardcore computer gamer so I know I need a good amount of virtual memory to cut down on lag time. I want to get 4GB of RAM. I'm still working on picking out components for my computer, but I do know I want to get the latest, most advanced nVidia Ge Force graphics card. I know that I will need a quad-processor, so I was thinking maybe one from AMD. I don't know what to really look for though. I don't really have a budget so I'm looking for the best equipment for gaming that is out there. I don't know what kind of hard drive I'm going to get, so any suggestions would be nice on that as well. I know that in that area I'm looking for around 4TB with specs of 7200RPM and RAID 0 -RAID1 capable. Any help would be awesome.
Thank you =)


You could try Ballistix or maybe HyperX.

You want high clock speeds and low latencies.

Also what OS are you using 64-bit can exceed the 4GB limit if the moterboard supports. A 32-bit may not utilise all 4GB.

If you want to build a new computer first you have to buy the motherboard,it is really important,cause the motherboard determines the rest of the units.When you get your board then look at the user manual for recomended equipments

If you wants fast RAM i would try Corsair Dominator
http://www.corsair.com/products/dominator/default.aspx, it comes in DDR2 and DDR3. And for processors if you want to save money, buy from AMD, there new Phenom II 955 Quad core is about 5% slower than intel's top quad core but the phenom costs alot less and can overclock very good (the highest ive seen is about 3.9 on air) and ATIs Top Graphics cards are extreme value for money aswell (4870X2 and 4890 are good examples, two 4890's in Crossfire beats a GTX295!) but to run all this you need a good power supply, so make sure you check the requirements for all your parts
http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp this is a good online tool for working out your power requirements
(but it can be a little off so i recommend get a psu 50W - 100W powerfuller than what it says)
But if your going to get a Phenom II you will need a motherboard with Socket AM2+ w/ DDR2 or AM3 w/ DDR3, i recommend getting a AM2+ w/ DDR2 motherboard becuase the price of AM3 motherboards with DDR3 is high at the moment

i hope this helped just post if you want to know anything else


I would go to tomshardware.com for reviews and benchmarks also you can watch some videos on tigerdirect.com. good luck