Super engineer and friend of DaniWeb, Steve Wozniak , told Reuters on Friday that he would consider returning to Apple, or more accurately returning to an active role at Apple if asked. With Steve Jobs on an indefinite medical leave (his third since 2004), the possibility of the other founding "Steve" coming back is something that excites many Apple fans. Those who know Woz, however, know that he is not at all like Jobs. If Woz was to return to active duty at Apple I would imagine him heading up the engineers. What would be even more amazing is if Jobs recovers and the founders are reunited at Apple.

Woz is currently Chief Scientist at Fusion iO , the company that is setting the standard for super speed server storage.

Of course, this is all hypothetical as all Woz said was "I'd consider it, yeah."

Read the full interview at Reuters .


I wonder if the way things were run at Apple would change if he came back... Like propriety-isms!

Maybe if he return, apple will have a cooperation with daniweb. That means maybe all daniweb members will get a freee ipad 3. I am still thinking when that would come out.

That would definitely be awesome jingda. How much of a friend is the Woz to Daniweb exactly?

Woz believes in a more "open" type of system where people can modify things they way they like. Perhaps he might influence Apple to make their products more open. That could be very cool and I'm sure many more people would switch to the Apple standard if their systems were a bit more flexible.

I was hinting at what WASDted said: openness. Its tiring to have to have apple-only things like cables/chargers..
The interview was pretty cool but beside the fact that he was willing to sit down with DaniWeb and do an interview, I didn't conclude anything about how close he actually is/isn't with DaniWeb.

Steven_B, Woz and I consider each other friends for several years now. He is a very giving person and he generally supports such great, open forums like DaniWeb. He agreed to do an interview and answer questions for us and also while I was having dinner with him and his wife last year I was telling him about DaniWeb and he expressed that he appreciates this type of community. In that sense he is a "friend" to DaniWeb and to engineers and techies in general. He is a very kind and friendly person.

That I must say is pretty awesome WASDted! I wish I had a friend like Woz!

Woz's a great man.


It'd definitely be exciting if the Woz comes back. I'm not too sure about his relationship with Jobs (is it acrimonious?) but his influence on the company are sure to have good effects. At least that's what I think anyway.

I hope he come back.