Hello I have the issue where my dvd burner has not been able to be seen by my compouter and this has just recently happen in the last few days ever since i had help from microsoft to go into my computer and help remove some rootkits and viruses as my anti virus couldn't do the job! so what I'm asking is does anyone know what may by causing this problem my computer is custom built and the burner is a Sony dvd burner plus my motherboard is a Foxcomm board with a 2.4ghz intel processor. if anyone can help that would be great microsoft said it was something to do with the registy but want to charge me $60 to fix a prob they may have caused i'm just getting really frustrated and need help!

The first thing you need to do is to go into your bios and see if the dvd drive is shown there. You will probably need to press either del or F2.

done that its not showing it but i placed a cd in it and it try's to read it but then stops cause all of a sudden it's not being recognised

microsoft said its in the registry but i dont think it is

If it's not being shown in your bios then there is a problem that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with your registry.
You will need to open up the computer and check that the data cable between the motherboard and the dvd drive is correctly attached at both ends and that the power cable to the drive is also firmly attached.
Unplug them and replug them then check your bios.

i did all that already even reset the cmos trying to get it to reset but didnt detect it how ever it all started just after microsoft did things on my computer so i told them this and they want to have me pay them $60 to fix it like the drive works it reads and all you put a disc in you hear it spin up as if it's reading just i dont see the drive anywhere on the computer all the cables are secure so i dont know what else it might be it's a sony dvd burner btw

As I said before, if it doesn't show up in the bios then there is a problem!

It spinning up and reading a disk means that it is working, it doesn't mean that it is communicating with the motherboard! You need to use a little ligic with a problem like this.
Until it's working in the bios correctly, it won't work in wondows correctly.
What make of bios has your computer got and can you tell me EXACTLY what make and model the motherboard.

ok where i find my bios make and the motherboard is a "Foxconn 661MXPLUS"

It will tell you what make it is when you go into the bios. It will say "Phoenix Bios" or something similar which will be the bios make.

ok then i will brb going to reboot to find out

I have been trying to download the manual for your motherboard but the foxconn website keeps throwing up error message after error message for me. From what I was able to see your motherboard is an old socket 462?

on the box it says
Socket 478
FSB 800 over clocked/533/400Mhz
DDR 400/333/266Mhz
AGP 8x
6 Channel audio
10/100 Lan
USB 2.0

So the drive is going to be ata rather than sata! You will also need to check the jumper setting on the back of the drive. Set it to master if it is the only thing on the cable!

set it to master how it was working fine just the other day now all of a sudden it's went to that little icon that has the picture of a window with icons in it

model number on the burner for sony is DRU-510A that may help you a bit

Only thing left is that the drive is faulty! Electronic components can fail suddenly.

ok found out how to set it to master and it is already set there data cable is in tight so is the power cable

so there's no chance it could be something in the registy cause like i said it was recognised the other day then after mircosoft did something no more does it show up

and yes its a ATAPI connection

No, it can't be a restiry problem! The registry only loads with windows. It doesn't load with the bios. The bios is what starts the machine up and allow windows to then load. So, if it's not showing up in the bios..

yeah i tried to tell microsoft that and they fought with me

If microsoft are anything like PC World then they probably only hire people that know nothing about computers as hiring people with knowledge is a lot more expensive!

ok so you think something has failed?

YES!!! I think I have spelled it out as clearly as I possibly can!

sorry it's just had me really frustrated thank you for your help though

No problem! Get yourself another drive, they are nice and cheap these days!

If the hard drive and DVD drive are on the same cable this wont help:icon_sad:, but have you tried to take the cable from the ide drive (your Sony DVD) off and put another cable on? Sometimes the wire in one place shorts or brakes and it might just need a new cable. Hope this helps, after all, if you havent remove it, its still there:icon_smile:.

my dvd burner just started working again i think it was a virus by chance or something else because it works fine now thank you guys for the help! :)