I have a ACER TravelMate 4011WLCi. The screen doesn't work at all. I hooked up a video projector to the Blue Port in the back and the video projector couldn't find a source at all. Is this a problem with the video card? If so, how do I check or replace the video card? If it is the screen that is fried, I would like to remove the hard drive and place it in another laptop. How can I do this and have the hard drive boot up? I tried to do this before, but when I put the hard drive in a different computer, it wouldn't boot up. Thanks for any info.


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If it was the LCD backlight, wouldn't the video projector have worked? The video projector was searching for a source for several minutes, I hooked the video projector up to another computer and that screen came up on the projector right away.


1) hook up an external monitor the the blue port (vga port)
2) boot up laptop
3) after bootup, hit <Fn F7> at the same time, pause 2 seconds, hit again, repeat 3 times.

If there is no video on either display, then there is an internal problem. ie: motherboard or video card. Some video cards are integral with the motherboard, some not. If there is video on the external only, then there is a problem in the upper part of your laptop. If there is video only on the laptop display, then there is a port problem. Try the above steps and repost. I'll be back to answer the repost within 48hrs.

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