Hi All

Can some one give me some advise on building my new PC dont know which way to go have always gone AMD in the Past but having read some articles Itel Core 2 Duo has Gone to the Front ?

Any Suggestions would be welcome Thanks.

Intel is the one to beat.
But if you want the top the Core 2 Duo has been beat already by the Core 2 Quad, and 8 core CPUs are on the way.

Intel is the one to beat.

Intel was always the one to beat!

they are the best, benchmarks prove it

ati is cheaper though i think?

if u want a system in which u can ply any game and good response time then all u want is intel core 2 Duo.other wise if u want a moderate and good pc then AMD X2 is better.what i prefer is AMD X2 AM2

intel is better

only reason you would want AMD is money

okay, what are you going to be doing? games? surfing the net? megatasking? it all depends.

while there is a plethora of support for intel (because they have a stranglehold on the market), amd based motherboards have a more efficient architecture. and amd k8 cpus are much easier to overclock.

this is a weird time to make this choice because the industry is holding it's breath for amd's k10 (phenom) cpu and the it's new am3 socket. k10 chips will have ram controllers for both ddr2 and ddr3 onboard and they will be backwards compatible with am2 sockets. so if you buy an am2 mobo now, it'll be easy to upgrade down the road when k10 chips are more affordable.

while it's true that intel chips are benchmarking better out of the box, it takes almost nothing to wake up an amd x2. if you know how to overclock the cost/benefit ratio is in amd's corner.




amd based motherboards have a more efficient architecture. and amd k8 cpus are much easier to overclock.

You can happliy overclock an core2 to 3-4ghz

You can happliy overclock an core2 to 3-4ghz

i won't argue with that, my dad is doing it. but it's expensive, time consuming, and they run very hot (usually requiring water cooling).

there are a lot of factors involved, that's why i was asking salo's purpose for the computer.

no. i overclocked my 1.6 core2 to 3.0 using air cooling only, and its stable.

what core, bus speed, mobo, cooler, ram are you using? what are your voltages and temps? have any cpu-z shots?

Dont know, its a noname from a PC fair

i just put arctic silver and a zalman cpu fan in as well as an 80mm case fan

right on, it always feels good to go fast on cheap parts. i'm just wondering how your voltages and temps look because that's an impressive amount of gain! you can download free apps to monitor your mobo and core readings here:


i use pc wizard and cpu-z

well, i have one of those front-panel lcds and its 59c cpu temp when doing games