This is really frustrating! Each time I insert a written CD - not a DVD - into my LG burner the computer reboots. The system is running Windows XP Home Edition. Any ideas?

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hi, try to check device manager / right click my computer choose properties check if the driver or device is working properly...or try to check CMOS if there;s any settings you need to change....

Thanks......checked the driver and that is OK. The hardware works well as long as I dont insert a CD with any information on it. Not sure how to check CMOS and dont really know what the settings should be - bit of a novice with this stuff.

if you still have a bootable disc of win98, you can try to boot from cd then just go to DOS mode check if it will work properly, but you need to go to CMOS there's an option there normally its labelled as BOOT SEQUENCE , if ever you boot from a bootable disc then its working fine.. then it could be some virus or malicious programs or software that causes the problem..if you boot from cd then its not working then it could be a faulty drive...

try another drive to test if its going to take the same action.

I do have a second DVD drive, and yes it has happened on that drive as well.

get a boot disk here(place the boot program on a floppy or usb) make the boot sequence according to your boot device example floppy. allow it to boot from the source at next startup.
this is to re-detect all hardware devices including cd drive

did you know that there is a problem with some CD drives as they were sent from japan. it happened to me!

i replaced a cd burner with one from samsung and it totally scrambled the ram.

If what I said above didnt work then you should strongly look in the direction of getting a new drive for cd burners.because then the problem lies within the drive itself.

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