I've just bought an Asus TA210 case, which in general I am very pleased with, looks nice, etc. etc. (apart from the sticking CD ROM stealth bay).

I didn't get any form of documentation with it, just a case in an Asus box (I bought from a computer wholesaler), so I'm not exactly sure what features it's meant to have. From what I can gather from the very limited info I found on the net, it's meant to have a blue power-on LED, and different colour HDD LED.
Now I've established that it has two LED's in the front, HDD and power on. THe HDD led chugs away fine, and is an amber coloured led which flicks on and off, but I haven't ,managed to get the power LED to come on. I'm not even sure what colour it's meant to be, or whether it is a "dual" LED or anything.

I have even tried putting the power LED leads to the HDD LED connections on the Mainboard as a test of the LED(to swap them) I was suggested by someone, but nothing.

THe mainboard is just for now an old P3 board out of a Packard Bell Saturn (funny version of a MS6309 - different jumpers from the regular one), to be upgraded to a p4 in a while.
I have had this mboard in another case and the power led came on fine, so that rules out the jumpers on the mboard right?

I don't really want the hassle of RMA'ing it - it seems wierd that the LED should have gone, have any of you got any advice, am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any replies

Make sure the polarities are correct (+ and - are correctly connected). Other than that, the led could be dead, because you've already tested with the hdd connector. Any electronics store should be able to supply a replacement.

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