I am in the processing of purchasing either a compaq s6900nx or an hp a530n, both amd 64 bit machines of comparable specs. However, the hp features a nvidia 5200xt while the compaq features just the 5200. I am confused because I know that the xt in the nvidia lineup means the core has been slowed down, much like ati's se, but the 5200xt cannot be found at an stores and i cannot even find it on nvidias website, i am wondering about the performance of this card - does anyone know about it? Also with a 5200 play far cry at decent settings with the following hardware? What kind of graphic quality can i expect with either card? I would also appreciate any recommendations on which pc i should by

HP pavilion a530n
AMD 64 3200+
1600 mhz front side bus (can anyone confirm this, as it seems extremely high, and best buy's website posts it as this, but hp posts it at 400 mhz?)
200 gb hd (7200 rpm)
512 mb ram ( pc 2700 @ 333 mhz)

Compaq presario s6900nx
The specs for this one are the same except this one features an nforce 3 board and as stated earlier has a 5200 (no xt) it also features 512 mb of pc 3200 memory @ 400 mhz and its hard drive is 40 gb smaller at 160 gb, it is also missing the 9 in 1 card reader that i would like, but i guess i would take performance over a card reader.

Also would it be worth while to install windows xp 64 bit edition?

Please make a recommendation and answer any of my previous questions.

Thanks a lot


oh sorry, the prices on the two machines are also very similar, around 550 from compusa refurbished (ebay or compusa's site).


My suggestion would be to insist that the display cards in either PC be replaced, or to source a system which includes better!

In any flavour, the FX5200 is a totally inadequate dosplay card for games, and hell! You're talking about Far Cry!

The absolute minimum standard card you want, to be able to play that game at a decent screen resolution and graphics settings would be either an NVidia FX5900XT or a Radeon 9600XT

Don't be sucked in by the advertising hype! The FX5200 is a crappy vid card, suitable for web-browsing and card games!

Sticking one of those in an AMD64 system is an insult, not an inclusion!

Don't buy an HP. I personally cannot stand them. I have worked on a few of them and HP Pavilion and an HP vectra. The Pavilion had a really small power supply unit (PSU) which got hit in a lightning storm and taged out the PSU, the motherboard and the hard drive. The Vectra had a power supply just a little bit bigger but its proprietized. You have to have their power supply. I have not played with any P4 HP's but I also know their tech. support basically called me a lier but thats a different topic. As for Compaq, they are a divison of HP and I'm not fond of them either. I think your best bet would be to either buy something like a Dell or find a local computer store and have them build you a custom one. A local store is more likely to use better parts. This just my suggestions. I am sorry if I have offend any HP fans thats just my opion on them. let me know how you make out.

Edit: stay away from refurbished stuff the companies may or may not warrenty them

as far as windows xp 64 bit goes there are ALOT of problems with it.... same said for any new software check here to view the unsupported lists to date. which would bring me to .... if your not going to be using a 64 bit os... the need for a 64 bit processor is?

.... if your not going to be using a 64 bit os... the need for a 64 bit processor is?

........perhaps the fact that it creams the Pentium in 32-bit performance?

........perhaps the fact that it creams the Pentium in 32-bit performance?

well then ... if i had your money... id burn mine :)

Yes it does, if looked at benchmarks in gaming (w/ radeon 9800) and a 64 3200+ beat the 3.4 p4 in 7 out of 8 benchmarks. 64 bit processors perform insanely well in a 32 bit environment. I wont go for a dell (because they do not support amd, which will lead to a downfall of sorts in the server environment) and I know hp and especially compaq have had previously notorius reputations, but after the merger hp compaq has become a much better company. I suppose I'll upgrade the videocard at some point, maybe ill just wait for the x300 or x600. I'm not sure on the computer choice though (no custom built, as configuring a comparable machine - i could build it myself, would cost almost 2 -3 x as much, the processor alone is more than 300 dollars). The hp and compaq are basically the same machine, and i have found reviews of the hp and it recieved very high marks, but i think the compaq is better suited to upgradeability and has slightly faster specs in the memory and mainboard department. The hp however has a larger hard drive and a card reader, both kind of useless I guess, but the rest of my family would rather have the hp for those reasons. I'll probably get the compaq. Is the all in wonder 9600 pro good enough? I can get it for less than $150.

If that $150 is cheap where you live, then why not? It's a fair way better than an FX5200!

The FX5200 is about equivalent to a Gf4MX for game speed, and a 9600 Pro compares to a Gf4Ti. (With DirectX9 'shinies' of course :D)

I bought an HP a530n last year. The FX5200xt was not happy trying to play Doom 3 at all... even overclocked. Out it went and in went an nVidia GeForce 6800gt OC. Fantastic performance. The PC was happier with an Audigy 2 sound card and an extra 512meg of ram, too. This system will pretty much go toe-to-toe with anything out there gaming-wise. I can't wait to see how well if performs with a 64bit OS

(If you want an easy way to get the great prices and services on computers, go to www.dell.com/dellchat). Only works if your inside the US though.

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