Hey guys,

I know there are a heck of a lot of threads about this kind of thing, but I can't find anything that has helped me at all. ):

So, here's the deal:
I was playing Dawn of War the other day on my Dell Inspirion 1410 and all of a sudden, the famous blue screen of death came up on me. I couldn't read it because the text was all scrambled, and it shut off shortly afterward. I tried restarting it then and there - the power LED's stay on, but the monitor just remains black.

So, I left it on when I went to work, came back eight hours later and the screen was still black. However, I restarted it once more and it actually came up with the screen asking if I wanted to restart Normally or Fix the Startup problems. I tried the second option, but it did nothing, so I restarted again and chose to start it up normally. This worked just fine, and I was able to run windows normally for a while.

One day afterward, I happened to be playing another game and it crashed again. Now it won't give me the startup options or anything, just the LED's and a black screen.

I've never had any problems with this computer before this, so what exactly is happening and what can I do to fix it?

Edit: I have already re-seated the memory, and that didn't do anything.

Thanks in advance,

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if it were mine i would use my windows cd and do a "R" repair from the recovery console !

Sadly, I can't find my Windows CD anywhere. ):

Actually, I just got a boot CD from online for Vista, and it didn't respond to it at all. Any other ideas?

Do you have access to another external monitor that you can connect to the VGA port on the computer.

You might also try removing the battery and the ac adapter so no power is connected to the unit.

Hold the power button down for 20 seconds

Plug in ac adapter and try boot.

If you keep BSOD during games it is either the memory or the video card. If you can get back into the unit with a display you might run memtest

Also try updating you video drivers

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