Ive had this problem for a while now, sometimes when i turn or restart windows will crash when loading up. Then i will have to reboot it, and it comes up saying windows didnt start succesfully. If i try to restart windows it just crashes again...so ive ended up in safe mode. I dunno whats doing it..i ran norton internet security 2005 and nothing came up. Ive just finished downloading and running ad-aware SE and that said i had 41 problems...which its deleted, but ive always had the spyware...if anybody could help then it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance :)

I have a couple of ideas for you to try.

Load the Recovery Console and run "chkdsk /r". This will scan your harddrive and fix any file and disk errors. Doing this first helps to ensure that any fixes done later will be done in good areas on the harddrive.

If the system is still having problems, load up the system in Safe Mode and run "sfc /scannow". This will make sure that all your system files are as they should be.

Update the thread and let us know if this took care of your problem or not.

P.S. It's better only post a subject once. Since this topic is in two different areas, you'll have people that are giving different sets of instructions that may confuse you.

i will do that thanks,im currently in safe mode atm and il post back when ive done it...and when ive found out what recovery console is ;)..oh and btw ive already tried reformatting windows and it didnt work and my computers pretty new..specs are pentium 4 3.0 ghz 1 gig of ram 114gb hardrive

umm im not really a wiz with computers...how do i get my recovery console up?

Did you check the link that I supplied (check my last post)? It details the different ways to access the Recovery Console.