Hey Gang,

I'm pretty frustrated with my desktop. It shuts off at different time intervals with no warning. I really have no explanation. I'm running windows xp and on the off chance, I have been able to make it to my desktop view and run notepad. So far I've ruled out the power supply (and fans) and I don't think it's software related as I can run applications if it doesn't shut down. I've cleaned everything and ensured the connections are good. I've had it for 3 years and it's very reliable until now.

Any help would be appreciated. Mike

can you start in safe mode and check if u shut down

I try to boot up in safe mode, but it shuts down prior to getting through the start up. When off for a long time, I can seem to get a little farther in the sequence which tells me it's overheating, but i'm blasting 3 fans at it trying to get it to run.

check the t-grease on the cpu. if it's flaky repace it. if u think it's heat shut down and run a fan or place close to an ac vent for 30 mn then try again. if it runs further after that it's definately a heat prob.

it turned out the the heat sink wasn't making contact with teh processor. problem sovled.