I have a Western Digital 250Gb drive, using it as a secondary drive in my machine. Asus P4P800 motherboard, using XP pro on my OS.

Problem…. When using the installation tools from WD it says that I can only use 137Gb of the drive. Says that Windows can only see up to 137Gb of drive space and not further.

So my question is, how can I configure or what do I do to set this up so I can see all of my drive and NOT 137Gb?

reformat the disk using QT parted, or fdisk. If its only your second HD. format your /dev/hdb1 to dos. Or better yer in the windows GUI, open up my computer and if its already formatted for DOS, then right click and reformat it there.

What is QT?

Also I am formatting now from My Computer.... Lets see how this works out. Thank you.

I'll let you know.

qt_parted is a program you can download the iso for and burn to a disk as an image and boot it up. type when you get the # prompt .run_qtparted then It will ask you for your key map, type 41. The english, and thens elect your mouse. If you dont know which one it is select autodetect.

Qt_parted is a unix software, right? Is there something that I am missing? I formatted the drive and nothing. Windows just won’t let me use all of the drive space. I’m at a lost.

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