Hi everyone!

I've got the KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR with 0xC000000E code (STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE) sometime, after using the Win XP for hours or for not so long. The error message is sometimes STACK, not DATA, and at the bottom of the sreen there is a filename, like ftdisk.sys, atapi.sys, etc.
Before the blue screen there is a very strange noise from the computer, and it lasts for several seconds. During it the machine freezes.
When I reset the machine, it didn't recognized the drives, only a shut down helped.
I tested my RAM, made virus, adware, spyware test, runned chkdsk, but no problem and I tested my HDD with the Maxtor diagnostic tool, and after a full read test it said, the disk is failing.
So, it's meaning a bad HDD without doubt, or it can be a data/power cable failure, motherboard failure, etc.?

Thanks for your answers in advance!

P.s.: It's a MAXTOR 6Y120L0, 2-3 years old.

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Some addition: if it helps, the PowerMax diagnostic code is: de9aa275

I'm running into the same issue with a Toshiba TS1. Did you get an answer on this?

Does your BIOS recognize the SMART as good? If Power Max said it's dying...back up all your information you can and plan on buying a new hdd in the near future. I'm curious as to why the SMART system didn't give some indication of a failure. You might also look in the event viewer to see if there have been other disk events.

My BIOS said that the SMART is okay.
I got several answer on other sites, and I decided to buy a new HDD. Since then the computer is okay. To be exact: when I put the old HDD back to my computer to get the datas from it, it made the noises again some times, but no freezing or else problems. So I'm sure, my HDD was failing, and I hope, only the elapsed time, not enough cooling from the beginning and the lot of usage was the cause.

Hard drives are electromechanical devices, and they break down. At the risk of being a smart ass, the term for this type of failure is hysteresis. It doesn't really matter whether it was a Western Digital, Maxtor, or a Seagate, if you look at the failure rates of each major manufacturer and graph these I doubt you find anyone of them to be any worse than the other. I recently had my six year old 40GB hdd die, and the general consensus seems to be...go for the best deal with a major manufacturer.

I replaced the HDD already, and the same issue with less noise came back, I am now thinking its the controller. When the HDD was replaced the system was reimaged again, so two known images that are good were used. The system is under warranty still, so I am looking at sending it in for repair. Does anyone know a good utility to trobleshoot the controller itself, just to make sure. This is a Toshiba Tecra S1.

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