i just built a computer and i was wondering if lc was the best way to go because my pc runs pretty hot with 4 fans in it and i dont feel like having a bunch o noisy fans in my pc.

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with water cooling a case there is always a risk of somehow water getting all over the computer parts. but if you understand that. lc is a great way to cool down you computer if you dont want any noise. jst my opinion hope this helps


Yeah, water + electronics don't mix.

You just don't get involved with water cooling unless you're absolutely sure you could stomach your system having the chance of being completely destroyed.

That said, cooltechnica.com is one of the better sites to get your materials from.


Dude the chances of that are about the same as you spilling coke on your motherboard. Its rare(you have to be a real DA to achieve this) LQDCL is hardcore man I suggest you go for it and over clocking it is my specialtyCOOLING"]
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i'm probably gonna go with it when i get the money. is it very hard to install?


yea i looked at it but it dosent give much info about the products.

Do you even know all the components that you need to water cool?


Well you think the companies who make the decent liquid cooling system, test these product very heavily, and the chances of something messing up is very low.

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