Hello everyone,

Firstly I must apologise for my stupidity as I spilled an entire glass of wine onto my macbook pro. ( I wasnt drunk I wish I was as the glass would have been empty)

Anyway my machine wouldnt turn on for a couple of weeks, and on the day I took it to APPLE It magically came on and everything sounded nice and healthy, apart from the fact the keyboard didnt work (thats where the wine went)

Apple have quoted me £600 for a new fan, logic board, top case and keyboard.

If the machine booted up and opened up the login page, do you think it is likely I need a new Logic Board?

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It could be does the mac stay on? You can try to replace the keyboard they are alot cheaper but the part of the logic board that controls the keyboard could have shorted out. If you feel risky and if you can get to the logic board spray it with windex and go over it lightly with a soft toothbrush dry put back together and see if it will work


Apple's repair services are a total scam !! never pay what they ask for it's always exagerated
I woudl advice you to open your macbook pro and try to clean under the keyboard with alcohol if it doesn't work then bring your mac to anybody that can fix it except apple , you will save about 200$

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