I have a Toshiba Satellite A130/A135 that was working just fine in the morning, but when I went to turn it on today, it wouldn't start. Holding the power button for a few minutes, switching batteries, nothing has worked so far. The only sign that it isn't completely dead is that the AC Power light is on, but nothing else. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Try hitting the FN key

I am having this exact same problem too. Same model, everything. Was working fine this morning, shut it down properly, when I got home it wouldn't turn on. Only indicator is that the tiny blue AC adapter light is on, but none of the others.

The FN key does nothing.

The laptop is only 6 months old. It was plugged into a surge protector so that shouldn't be the problem.

try removing the batteries, and ac power supply for about 5 mins. then put back the batt and the ac power supply check if it can work, remove all the external devices attach to the laptop

I suppose the thing you don't wanna hear is that there may be a bad batch of Tosh laptops.

If the above doesn't work, you know what you're gonna have to do - and it's damn inconvenient.

I had the same problem, and since this thread is popular on Google for "Toshiba Satellite won't turn on" I figured that I should respond.

Taking the advice from this thread I took the battery out (may or not be required) and pressed the FN key as suggested. My laptop turned on right away...

Thank you!

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