I am attempting to fix my brothers computer due to a couple of trojans. However; when i turn on the computer it beeps at me and i get no signal on the monitor. Can someone please help me. I have done this before for others but this is the first time i have had the computer not come all the way on and just sit there and beep.

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loss connection on your video card.. or try reseating you memory.. check if it helps...

Thank you for your input. I figured out wat the problem was.

If you receive 1-3-2 beeps then check the memory cards. One or both of them may be bad or not seated properly. First try reseating the cards and turn on the computer. if that doesn't work then remove one of them at a time and turn on the computer. the one that works and doesn't beep at you is the good one and the other one is the bad one and needs to be replaced.

Their computer was so infected that once i was able to remove all the viruses the op was wiped out so they have to buy a new hard drive.

If it weren't for my avg my computer would have been infected too as i was using a 4G flash drive to fix their computer and the worms and trojans they had tried to infect mine as well.

So be very careful when doing that.

Thank you all and have a great day. :)

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