Hello Family !
I have a Dell Dimension E310, with an 80GB Samsung hard drive in it. It had/has Windows Media Center on it.
The hard drive went bad and gave me the error that said.... Loading PBR for descriptor 2.....Done Bad PBR.
I replaced the hard drive with an identicle one and put a fresh install of Media Center on it.
I hooked up the bad hard drive in tandum to see if I could get my pictures off of it but the pc won't even recognize that it exsist.
How could I get mt pic's of the bad hard drive or is it a complete loss ?
I have a bootable disc of ERD Comander 2005, and that has always gotton into bad hard drives so I could retrieve personal files but this BAD PBR hard drive won't let it in.
Any suggestions ?
Any and all help will be GREATLY appreciated !

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One thing that can work for a while is to put the faulty hard drive into a resealable bag and stick it in the freezer over night.

From now on, always back up any data you don't want to loose.

I will try that "freezer" suggestion tonight. Thank you !!!

No problem! There is absolutely no guarantee that the idea will work. Even if it does, it wont work for very long.

Well, the freezer trick didn't work so I ordered an Installation disc form Dell and tried that. Nothing worked so I just replaced the broken hard drive with a new one that is the same make and model.
Thank you for all your help !!!!!!!!!
I will back up from NOW on !!!

Marked as solved.

It's a shame the freezer trick didn't work.

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