its only a tool and matter of preference. Its the right tool for the right job in the right hands. PC, Mac or Paper planner you can find fault with everything.. but in the end .. you waste more energy complaining than you do spending positive energy actually doing something. Deal with the cards you are dealt and do the best you can with your apples and oranges.

Get the job done with what ever you have. Nothing wrong with venting... just move on and get er done. I've learned to "DO" and if it takes the original LAPTOP or DESKTOP (A Piece of Paper and Pen) i will do it. I've worked with Macs, PCs, and Old Teletypes and Patrol Car Computers. Wrote reports by hand and by the latest computers. I don't favor brands, yes and I own macs... Many which are running still after many years.... and i've seen legacy macs still running in our schools... Hmmm.. not bad for pieces of shit. Fanboy, I'm not, I also have Macs and PCs, and yes I prefer Macs but will get the job done without complaining with a well placed pencil and paper.

Its what you like in life ... Women, Guns, Guitars, Computers, or food. Your most important Computer is your brain ... Opinions are Like Assholes Everybody has one and Everybody is entitled to one. or two, or three, or....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ok - I was not allowed to link to the rest of the article I was referring to. And I'm also not (really) allowed to "steal" the whole text from an article and copy it on to a forum.

"How the minions use reversed labels to trample the Apple uprising" on MyAppleSpace can be found on Google.

But most PC users prefer to keep doing what the article reads and not actually be confronted by it ;).

I change a new one.

God how i hate mac, it's stupidest thing in the word, leopard is disaster, leopard has 20% of windows's functionality, leopard is terribly not ergonomic, annoying, stupid, and dumb. Mac is slow on large files and sequences, terribly looping and hanging. I hate mac. Leopard is stupid and disaster!

I am working already a year with MAC, and it's still dumbest thing I ever seen, only person who never worked on Windows might think Mac is genius. I truth, Mac is weak cheap copy of Windows, even if they claim opposite. Windows take care about user, you get customization, you got fast access to system, you can switch millions of tasks no matter how busy is processor and hard disks. You have choice how to copy files, how to manage swap disks, processors, etc. On Mac you just got Copy and Paste on the right mouse button, you can't change normally anything, when you're rendering whole system simply dies, no matter if you have 12 cores and 16 GB of memory, it's just peace of crap. You can't normally run 2 programs at once. The interface of leopard is a crap from early '90s, with dumb menu bar sharing all application, it terribly not ergonomic on dual '22 monitors, when you have to run your mouse across two monitors to press something on the menu. And it makes stupidly annoying switching between programs, especially when you can't Alt+TAB minimized programs, just clicking them on the bottom row manually. All that stupid tiny things, when you unplug usb from drives, and it shows nothing, and even waiting quite a while and taking usb out gives you error what system still accessing it, but gives no any message and not showing device anywhere. When you copy files, it can suddenly give an error what file is accessed and cannot be copied, but it is accessed by the copying process!!!!!!! DUMB!!!! How dumb!!!! I can tell about stupidity of Mac for ages, when you compare two systems lice Leopard (or snow leopard) and windows, you just go mad, because nothing works on mac, and it has just basic functionality. And when it takes 48 hours on Mac to copy 3000 files to the usb, when it takes 15 minutes on Windows, you just go mad. When you have a superfast raid of 6 disks, but can't switch swap file to this raid (only by some hacking which nobody tried ever). God, I hate mac. All programs runs at least 2-3 times faster on a 1.500 USD Windows PC, than on a 10.000 MAC, god, guys, you've been cheated, your money stolen for this kiddish design and smooth plastic. You think you can't calibrate monitor on Windows, or may be you think HD quicktime files work slower on windows? You are wrong. The rest is just your imagination and cheating Mac promotion. Mac is cheap disaster. Boring and annoying.

commented: !!! right !!! +0

I simply cannot find a good place for a post,

has MAC invested lot of money to remove all ANTI-ADs ??? no really good place to complain about them....

I have been in industry 10 years ....

I had to do some testing with the Mac desktop recently !!!

you it is simply feels like a machine mad out of dead components:

it has so primitive UI (red/green/blue), its message are so short ... you dont get details ... well it like windows in a way .. u do not know what it is doing ... what Steve Mac guys have done - they spent lots of money just for drawing nice jumping icons ... for the users who have no technical background .... who just cannot understand how much they have been misled by paying triple price for a piece of software/hardware which doenst even know who to play mp2 video codec . and you need to pay another $ for it

they intentionally forbid CROSS platform software, of which non-technical user has no understanding !!! FLASH, JAVA ....

shall I say stupid user pays triple price!!!

when I minimize a window in the apple mac OS, and see the minimization animation, I feel nausea. Then I want to type a word doocument but I can't because I can not find the delete button. There are many thousand tiny mischievous shortages in the Mac OS that can't be written and they torture me.
Then I come back to windows 7 and see the heaven and my mind opens again.

What do you mean you cannot find the delete button? What are you talking about?

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