Does anyone have experience with this board? Thinking of getting it for my son (gamer), and overclocking an XP 2500+. Any ideas??

No exp with that board but from the picture I would say its going to be easy to place a huge cooloing device because the capcitors are not that close to your CPU."As shown" ( I saw no reviews on that board) (The companys name is AZZA you will want to get the updates from there.)

'Each chip is different so you'll have to see what yours can do... first thing is to lower the multi to 10 and see how far you can push the FSB...being that you have what looks to be an NF2 chipset you may get 210+. Then increase the multi for top speed..may crash so increse voltage you temps and note when your temps start to cause instability and stay below that. (probably between 50 and 55C) Just keep playing with it and see what she does."

But if you want to ask top of the line extreme overclockerz

I dont know if your buying online or from the store. But Ive bought 2 of these soyo lite boards after a friend bought 1. Its like a afordable DRAGON its pretty pimp for the price. Its not a DRAGON though its scaled down but similar schematic design I guess. $20.00 more and you get the DRAGON. god I feel like Im trying to sell you this sorry.
(That board is 49.99 at tigerdirect)
(So is this one)

Look up the Abit NF7 (or -S model). Rave reviews about that particular board, especially with the 2500+ Barton's.

With the retail heatsink, expect no less than 2.2GHz, with little or no voltage increase at all. It runs at a default clock of 1.833 GHz on a 166 MHz FSB multiplier of 11, so you increase the FSB a paltry 33 MHz (or 34 depending on how you look at it) and 2.2 GHz is more than attainable. If you're buying the 2500+ now though, be aware that the multiplier will be locked on the chip at 11.

Happy hunting. Epox boards are good as well. Heard decent words about the MSI nForce2 boards as well.