Does anyone know what's the best video card for using today?I have a Riva Tnt 2 32mb graphics card and I can't run games like Blood Rayne or None lives forever 2. Bloody Rayne's read me file says it needs 200 mb of video ram :sad:
Should I buy Ge force 4 (64mb)?

200 mb of video ram? Are you sure that it says it doesn't require 20 mb? The latest and greatest video cards now have 256 mb of ram. The average gamer needs 64mb to 128mb.

The best video cards out on the market are the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and the Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti and Geforce FX series. I don't recommend the Geforce 4 MX ones - they're just a reincarnation of the old Geforce 2 chipset.

"The best video cards out on the market are the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and the Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti and Geforce FX series. I don't recommend the Geforce 4 MX ones - they're just a reincarnation of the old Geforce 2 chipset."


Is the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro compatible with Gigabyte motherboards?

like what cscgal said the best out you could get is the ati radeon 9800 or the fx 5900. the problem with those are there very pricy about $400.what you need is something that will run all the games out today that isnt so expensive i would personaly suggest you get the (gf 4 ti 8x).
apart from halflife 2 and doom3 which arnt even out yet this card should run everything on its full detail with no problems. altho it says that halflife and doom should run on this card but benchmarks show that there is a sharp frame drop. anyways chances are that if you want to get this card i think you have to get a new board. because ur card is old so i assume ur mother board would be aswell.

Well no not really...I recently updated my box. I decided not to change the 40x max asus cd drive , 40 giga hard disk and the riva tnt 2 video card.I bought a brand new intel pentium 4 1.2 gigahertz processor and a gigabyte motherboard as my previous one was burnt...I think you should know that nowadays most motherboards have built-in Soundcards and videocards and ports have changed from serial to ps2.So you are telling me to go and get Ge Force 4 ti 8x?what's the difference between fx,mx and 8x ? :sad: :mad: I have a game and it requires more than 64mb of video seems to me that I can't play splinter cell or rainbow six 3 either,becz of my 32mb card.. :o :mrgreen:

fx is the new series of geforce thats what they decided to call it i guess. all that means is that it belongs to the fx series which is a new series and supports new techs. mx is a crap brand of gf. example:
you want to buy a gf and you look up to the shelf and there's 2 of them a gf 4 ti or a gf 4 mx. the price of the ti would be 3 times or more that of a mx. for good reason it runs almost twice as good as it.

the 8x will not be supported if your mother board does not have 8x support. so check it first.

Ok then.My motherboard is brand new only two months old and it's a gigabyte motherboard.I don't know much about mobo's so I don't know what is 8x..btw,I have a new problem,the people at the store said it wouldn't hurt the mobo is I kept it running even for 76 hours in a row.Well,in the last 96 hours I used the comp for like , 20 hours.I have clsoed the svchost.exe file to stop running the cpu its 100 percentage but for some reason , my browsing on the net gets really slowly and everything including playind audio cd's.There's a sound coming from my cpu - the sound that comes when you reinstall windows ops from dos and delete files....Though the red light for H.D.D. is not blinking much , there's something it because I'm using it too much?

You closed down svchost.exe!? Thats what the RPC and all other system services run on. Everytime i do that my system reboots.

YEah.There are many svchost.exe running.Just don't touch the one's that are on " Network service " or "local service".Choose the big one from system.After you end it , the cpu usage will drop down to like 10 percent and you'll see only double-zeros instead of network service,system,local service,your computer name in the window.I don't need to reboot for that.

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