Hi to you all hope someone can help?
After deleting some software using add/delete software from control panal I can only display VGA whre before I had SVGA. The motherboard is a jetway 531cf and appears to have an on board chip as there is no separate card. The system is not picking up any devices on the Standard PCI VGA settings. Someone suggested I may have deleted the drivers but to be honest I haven't a clue - does anyone know what to do to get the colours back ?


down load this program it will tell you what video chip set you have in your computer .post back here what it is ,open the program and under file there is a tool bar on that you will see 4or 5 icons one is called chipset info this is where you will see vga display type .

Thanks caperjack the information is really appreciated. I have been on the first site and looked at the info displayed and it is as follows: vendor 1039, device 6306, rev.A3, sub 63061039, SiS 620/530. I have also been on the second site but it appears gobblegook to me. I have tried to download a couple of files but they just end up as a cab file !!! on my computor - is this normal?Thanks for the help so far

on the download site the video drivers are listed near the top .if you are using win98 its the 3 one in the list .its a 15.2 meg file and its a zip file ,unzip and look for a setup .exe file to run the install .

Caperjack, can't thank you enough the sites provided the goods and now the colours are all there. Endeavoured to send you a personal email to thank you but your email unavailable - can understand that.. so I hope you see this to know how much I appreciated your help.

Thanks once again..Regards, Wayne

Your welcome glad I could help !:)

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