Hi….I need some help. I purchased (motherboard, cpu & cpu adapter card) from a local merchant. He told me just hook up my hard drives, ect & I would have no problem with a
smooth boot up. He was wrong! The first error message I get is (cache memory failure, do not enable cache), When I go in to cmos the system freezes. Motherboard=HP Pentium II AA667143308 slot 1 pd440fx…Bios Amibios 1.00.01.DT0L….CPU=Intel Celeron 466Mhz 128 SL3EH….CPU Adapter Card= F994016443 370 SP the locking device for the chip shows PGA 370sp. For the last 10 days I have searched and read so many tech notes (66mhz / 100mhz / fsb / multiplying / voltage / overclocking ect. I have gotten answers from ‘you will burn the whole system up, to putting tape on one of the gold pieces on the cpu adapter. I have managed to become very confused. Can someone please help me

I suspect that you have configured that motherboard for a Pentium processor instead of for a Celeron processor. Celerons have less Cache memory than Pentiums, and that's most likely why you are getting the error message.

Work through the motherboard manual and the processor specifications again, and ensure you have it configured correctly.

Start off, though, by resetting CMOS. Remove the CMOS battery, and wait at least a few minutes before replacing it. That should clear the CMOS memory, and reset it to default settings. See if it POSTS correctly.

Were you told that the motherboard and processor combination was previously working? It sounds like you have a 'Slot Adapter' for that processor, and not all Slot 1 motherboards were capable of operating correctly with them installed.