Will a micro ATX mobo fit in this case?

i know it will "fit" but will the screws line up and the mobo screw in?
On the newegg site they say ATX or Baby ATX,but on other sites they say ATX or smaller, so im stumped

Yes it will fit ,the case will have multiple holes ,baby and micro are the same i do believe !

System Board: ATX Form Factor 12" x 10.5" or smaller

thats what the site says but Im not certain of the screws will line up, in the case u can see like 10 holes where the spacers screw in so i guess i should be able to fit it in, is anyone certain babyATX and micro ATX are the same size?

I've yet to see a ATX motherboard ,micro or full size that wouldn't fit a ATX case .

its not whether it fits or not i know it will fit but will the holes line up so I can screw the mobo in

The question is, why are you using a MicroATX motherboard in such a large case? Your better off with a bigger board!

thats because I just bought a new moboand video card less then a week ago and now i need a bigger PS, and I am getting a new mobo and AMD cpu just not now.
I found out that baby ATX has the same deminsions as a Micro ATX
oh yeah the ATX tower is a mid-tower not a fullATX tower so its really not that big only 3 inches taller than my current tower

yes the case screw holes will match your board,by fit i meant fit ,screw in you know Fit !!LOL

thanks for clearifying that i though u meant fitting a 8 inche wide mobo in a 14 inche wide space

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