i have been working on a small project for the past little while... just a P2 processor with the basics... 256ram... anyways. i just finished getting everything to work on it, then i ran windows 98 SE to upgrade.
i left the computer for approx 30 minutes while it installed... and when i came back, i had a blank black screen. tried restarting, nothing. changed video cards, changed monitors, and nothing. any ideas??
i have another mother board that i could use, but i just got this one all set up and i dont really want to have to start over again... thank you all.

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For a quick test unplug everything from the main board "all drives" and remove all but the minimum amount of ram then boot the system.

This will tell you if it is the board or if something is holding out the video.

Please let me know if you see anything on the monitor even the post screen.


right now, i have nothing at all on the screen...
thanks for the reply. to be honest, that was my first idea too... just kinda start over.

ill let you know how i make out.

thanks again

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