I have a 360G ext hard drive which I formatted, partitioned and used to backup both my laptop and desktop aabout a week ago. Now when I plug it in to my same laptop or desktop, neither of them seem to see the drive--tho the laptop makes a sound when plugging in the USB connector. Ext drive is humming away and has an indicator light that suggests it's getting power thru the USB port (I've tried 2 or 3 ports on each computer) so I think the ports and the cable are OK. This is driving me crazy! After the backups, I was able to see the files on the ext hard drive and access them on both computers, but not now.
Thanks for any help.

There is some problem with the power of laptop and desktop computer.there will be a adapter for the hard drive.If you got it, then plug the adopter in External hard drive and then plug it to the computer or Laptop.I hope when External HDD will get extra power it will start working.


Good idea. Now the desktop sees the est HD and all works OK. The laptop still doesn't apparently see the external. Laptop is plugged in and ext HD is plugged in to its power source. Laptop still makes a noise when plugged into est HD, but can't see it when I open 'computer'. I'm using Vista Home Premium, 32. Any other ideas?

Go To The My Computer Properties Then Device Manager In Deice Manager There Is an Option Of Scan hardware Changes.Click On It.May This Will Works For You!

You've solved my problem. Thanks so much, I was getting very frustrated.
All is well.