My Toshiba Satellite M40 (canadian version) laptop showed a message of an error and completely froze up. I thought that this is a Windows XP problem and tried to reinstall windows. When I started installing windows it froze up again on the 35-38 minute of installation process, just before windows was supposed to boot. It tried several times after, and had the same problem. I also tried to install different versions of Windows, such as Server 2003 and Windows 2000, and got the same result. I even tried to install Linux Ubuntu, but it froze up during the installation process.

I replaced RAM and even hard drive, but this did not solve the problem. The diagnostic tools that I used also did not show any problems with the hardware.

What do you think is the problem? Should I flash BIOS?

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tried to reset the CMOS, take out your RAM.. power up your device up to 5 secs. turned it off..put back your RAM then...

then go to BIOS...try to load the default settings..save it and exit...

then try installing the windows again...

post back for the results...

don't just flash BIOS easily...it might kill your mobo...


hey flashing your bios should be the last option. if i may ask, did you buy your toshiba device with vista installed on it? if so then you have no any other option but to flush your bios reason being that when devices are sold with vista installed in them what they normaly do is that they store vista setting in the bios making it impossible to install any other os. so for you to use a different os you need to flash the bios to do away with the vista settings. the best advice i can give you is that you take your computer to a specialist who knows how to flash the bios. please post your feedback if this works please.


hi, wwwqqq... tried clearing the CMOS first....before flashing the BIOS...

clear the CMOS.. and put back your memory stick...

flashing bios..is quite risky...if you made a mistake..that's it..your mobo will die...try easy ways first...

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