I have an airport extreme that I want to connect to my quest wirless router when i do connect the airport nothing happens i cannot get on the internet using the airport what am i doing wrong never had this problem when using verizon

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As far as I am aware all you need is a router that has DHCP (automatic IP addressing) and your Airport Extreme should pick up an IP address and then you Apple Mac should detect the Airport Extreme and let you connect to it and set it up.

I assume you have installed the latest Airport Extreme software?


Just like you, I also have this kind of experience, in which I got this hard to solve. But with the help of this thread, all of my worries were all gone because this gives me an idea on how to solve this.

Great thanks!


Thommy, how have you got yours setup at the moment and what are you going to try to resolve your issue?


gotta set up that quest router in bridging mode, or take it totally outta the loop if possible. as things stand, you have 2 routers hooked up in series in your house, which isn't a good idea.

if you need anthing else, just holler...

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