Hello Everyone,
I bought a new 19' widescreen lcd monitor a few days ago. the problem is that since the day i bought it , it gives a distinct horizontal flicker (horizontal lines moving from top to bottom) in certain colors and a subtle one in others. It is especially visible in grey color (#585753 to be specific) and variants of blue colour.It is visible or barely visible in other colour depending on the amount of flicker.
Anyways i called service and the support technicians came and they tried various values of the refresh rate but to no avail.Tried putting the power cable in 4 different sockets again no change.
So they tried to put the blame on the graphics card, but I have a CRT Monitor from the same company and when connected, it It dose not flicker AT ALL. So now they will be coming with a new connector cable and trying it on to see if it works , the last option being replacement.

I wanted to ask you what could be the problem. Is it a monitor problem or is it the graphic card(if it is the graphic card then why no flicker on the crt monitor).

Is there anything else i could possibly try.

Thanks in Advance,

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What is the refresh rate set to?

Using VGA or DVI?

There is always a tiny bit of flicker evident in monirors but you generally shouldnt be able to see it unless you look real hard.

1. Refresh rate was initially 60 then changed to 75 , still the problem remained. the support technicians even tried out 85 i think and various resolutions.
Currently i have changed the refresh rate back to 60 since here the flicker is relatively less.

3. Resolution is 1440 x 900 which is the one displayed on the box for 19' wide monitor.

4. Using VGA , it dosenot have a DVI option.

There is always a tiny bit of flicker evident in monirors but you generally shouldnt be able to see it unless you look real hard.

well that seems to be the case at times and the flicker is only visible distinctly in certain colors but at times it increases and is even visible on a white background.

Thanks for your prompt reply

Update: the service technician just visited and said that the problem was due to logic board of monitor and that changing the logic board will solve the problem. However he also said that I could get a replacement from the shop where i have purchased the monitor.

What should i do considering that otherwise the lcd display is excellent i.e. no dead pixels, etc. should i get it repaired or replaced.
what will be better.


Are they both free?

Probably easier to get it repaired, that way you dont run the risk of getting another one that has some sort of dead pixels

Yes they both are free, however the shopkeeper is a bit reluctant and is asking to speak first to the technician.
the technician meanwhile has said he will come and replace the defective piece this evening.


What country are you in?
If you are in the EU you get like 12 months guarantee on all electronics, if they break the retailer must fix/replace it.

Sorry for not replying sooner.
The problem is solved now, it was due to the faulty power cable provided with the monitor. When i connected the power cable of my old computer to the new monitor, the problem went away.

@ jebennet, well yes i did have the company warranty for 3 years and they were going to replace a part that they thought was faulty under the warranty, thankfully it has been avoided.
Thanks a lot for your help.


Hi, the problem is with the frequency of the LCD monitor, I read somewhere that 75Hz don't produce flickr or waves while 60Hz do. So whenever you buy a monitor, go for atleast 70Hz, Source

Look for screws under rubber dots on laptop screen and tighten them. I had same problem with Toshiba Satellite M115. Worked like a charm no more rolling and horizontal lines.

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