hi, i just installed a new motherboard GA-G31M-ES2L.

1. I can't hear any beeps coming from the motherboard speakers. I didn't see a wire called "speakers", but I do have a wire called "spkout l" and "spkout r" which i connected to the Front Panel Audio pins.

2. After clicking the power button on the case, I see the CPU & PS fans working, which I guess it means the motherboard words, BUT my screen doesn't seem to load. Meaning I don't see any data on the screen.

What am I doing wrong?


here is an update.
i had another computer here, so i figured, they both use the same type of CPU, so i decided to change it.
I put in another CPU and vwhaaalllaaaa, it works!

So my guess is, the motherboard was fine, but the CPU died.
I am going to put back the old motherboard. If it works, then i diffidently know it was only the CPU that is the problem, not the motherboard.

i will keep you posted.

For future reference, here is a pic of where the PC speaker should be connected. The pic is from the online manual for your mobo.

SPEAK+ and SPEAK- are the pins it should connect to.

This is what a PC speaker looks like.

Either http://www.clearpc.ca/catalog/images/speaker.JPG or http://www.rainbow-software.org/images/hardware/pc_speaker_burn.jpg (but in better condition).

love that speaker that survived the fire !

Officially, it is a screamer.