Hi there,
I have a computer which has been working fine for a long time (4months) but up till last wednesday it has started to freeze. What is strange that is it freezes at and after 1:50pm. After this time the computer keeps freezing every 5 mins. I have scanned for viruses trojans spyware and found nothing. Do you know what it could be?? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Let's run a couple of commands to rule out some possibilities. Restart your machine in Recovery Console and run "chkdsk /r". Reboot your machine when that has finished. When Windows finishes loading up, run "sfc /scannow". See if running these makes any difference on your system's performance.

I am very curious about your mentioning of time. How come it always happens at 1:50pm? I'm trying to find out if there is anything specific about 1:50pm.

If you start up your machine at 8am, does this problem not start occuring until exactly 1:50pm?

If you start up your machine one hour earlier than you normally do, does your machine start having problems at 12:50pm, or does it still occur at 1:50pm?

Since it starts at around 1:50pm, it seems like there comes a time when it stops. Does the problem go away after the machine has been off for a while? Does the freezing problem stop at a certain time?

Please answer as many questions as you can. The more of my questions you answer, the quicker I can help you find the problem.

It doesnt matter what time I switch on the computer it always does it at 1:50pm and after. Before that it works just fine with no trouble at all.I will try the commands you gave me


At what time does it start working again though? Does it just start working after a certain number of hours of retrying, or do you have to leave the machine off for a certain amount of time before it will run again?

The computer is used at random times. I switch it on at 830am and it stays on till around 5pm. I tried moving the clock time to before 1:50pm to say around 10am and it still hangs up!! Any other ideas? I really dont wanna format this computer as it has a lot of stuff on it and it would take ages to reinstall

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