I built my own computer and add a nice new thing every year or so. So i decided on a new case. So basically i unplugged everything. Made sure I was static free when unmounting my motherboard...moved it into my new case...remounted...reconnected all cables just as they were...and PCI AGP cards. Reconnected jumpers correctly. Plug in power cord...LED light on motherboard lights up. Try to hit power but the LED flashes off and on the fan runs for maybe a second...and my CD drives eject for a second also. I have a 128MB graphics card...CD Rom drive, DVD-RW, floppy and a couple sticks of 256MB DDR and a 512 on a XP athlon 1.4ghz. Im thinking the PSU is messed up i have it set on 230 i think. I have used different outlets and different power cables all having same effect. I think the PSU might be messed up if there a way to test the PSU itself? Do you agree with my assumption? Your thoughts and possible approach would be really helpful. My moms computer is soooooooooo slow.

Go through the steps in My PC won't start - Read this first!. Start with the steps under Does your newly assembled PC refuse to POST? Try out the suggestions and let us know the results.

If you live in North America, set your power supply to 115 volts.

There is an easy way to test your power supply, but you have to do it correctly or else you will damage your power supply. Only do this test if you feel comfortable knowing that you may damage your power supply. Remove your power supply from the case and disconnect it from all components (you must make sure that nothing is plugged into the power supply except the power cord for it). Turn the switch on the back of the power supply off (the line is on and the circle is off). If your power supply doesn't have a switch, unplug it. Get a paper clip, straighten it out, and then bend it in half. Look at the power supply's large motherboard connector (the one with 20 or 24 pins). You should notice that one of the wires coming off of the connector is green and that there are many black wires. Take the paper clip and stick one of its ends in the pin hole for the green wire and the other end into the pin hole for one of the black wires (I usually use the one adjacent to the green wire). After you double and triple check that you have connected the correct wires, make sure that everything is diconnected from the power supply, make sure that nothing is touching the paper clip that is touching the two pins, and turn on (or plug in) the power supply. If the power supply works, you should hear the fan hum. If you would like to do additional testing, turn off the power supply, attach just a fan (one with a four-pin molex) to the power supply, and turn the power supply back on. If the fan runs, your power supply works.

Note that just because the power supply runs doesn't mean that it is operating properly. It is possible that the power supply is giving out bad voltages.

Ah yes ive read about people doing that but never felt comfortable with their explainations. Yours was very good. I did read the "my computer wont start" though and ive check most everything I can. Thanks for the quick and speedy reply.