I have recently had a few minor problems with my pc so I decided to try to repair it with my Windows XP disc. What I actually ended up doing was to reinstall windows xp again and now my pc is back to the day it was made, well almost.

None of my other programs are installed but they are still on the "C" drive. Everything is still there.
Now my question is, How do I restore my PC to before I put my darn XP disc in my machine?

(I have already tried a system restore but it wont go back far enough)

I'm not an expert, but in my professional opinion, all those files are basically garbage, because without the registery values that were written to the original registery and certain OS files that may have been overwritten/deleted with the reinstall of the OS, there is a slim to none chance the recover them (and have them work properly) with what I know about computer programs.

But I am sure if there is a way, someone would post about it ASAP. If I were you (which by any means I am not), I would format the HDD (or get someone who knows about PC's to do it), and find the CD's that came with your PC and start from scratch.

Thanks for your advice but I fear the worse trying to reinstall everything. I was hoping that there maybe some software that might be able to put my PC back to how it was a few days ago.

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