Hey everyone... I'm gonna get a new com but I would like help on the type that I should buy. I like to play The Sims2 (if u have heard of it...) and am not sure what type of Pentium, speed, RAM is suitable and won't cause any lagging in the game. I also do alot of multimedia stuffs like graphic design, animation... etc and need a fast com, I also multitask alot. I heard that P4 is a waste of money as it's going to be outdated(not sure if I got the facts right...)? PD is more of the better one currently? What about Athlon 64 X2? - just read about it recently from somewhere... Thanks...

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If performance tests and review articles to date are anything to go by, the Athlon64 X2 processor based system would definitely be your best choice for the purposes you've mentioned, if you can handle the extra expense entailed. Performance in games is a tad down, but if you only plan on playing Sims2 that wouldn't matter. A64 X2 is a better performing platform for the multimedia work than even the Intel dual core line. An A64 X2 will walk all over any single core Pentium, and will outperform a dual core Pentium of the equivalent performance rating.


Hiya, would you still advise ppl to get the Pentium 4? The vendor told le that P4 and PD are the same except that PD is dual core... both of them, the speed are the same.

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