Ok, i will go through what happened so you will all know.
I have Norton installed, which was playing up saying secuity was off, i wanted to unistall it because i had panda. Anyway, norton was giving me a supervisor error, so i could not unistall this.. I went to install Panda, 'it did say i should unistall norton first', but i thought it would be fine.
Now, when i start xp up it works fine, but nothing is responding, when i click start, nothing is happening, i can access some things on my dekstop but it takes about 10 mins just to load up a small pic.. Nothing seems to be loading..
So, i then thought about the system restore, which meant i had to boot in safe mode, but when i get to the black screen i cannot change the option to go to safe mode because the directional keys will not move up and the enter key wont even work .
I get the black screen but i cannot choose any options...

However , i know the keyboard is working.. So has anyone got a way to get into safe mode without the f8 or without the msconfig way ? Because i need to do a restore but cant access it even when i'm not in safe mode..
Hope this is understandable..
I am using my laptop at the moment just incase anyone wonders. :cheesy:

Thank you very much :)

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It is usb wireless..
I know it works because it works ok when using other keys...


try and lay your hands on a ps/2 keyboard and mouse. this should work in enabling you to use safe mode.

some features/drivers will become disabled on accessing safe mode.

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Yeah, it is now working in safe mode, i will keep you informed on what happened with the pc. Thanks :)


Ok, everything seems to be ok now, just uninstalled Panda, and now its good... Now just the problem with Norton :)

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